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PHYSICIAN of the YEAR 2014-NY State Osteopathic Medical Society
Board Certified Psychiatrist
Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association
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Lois Kroplick, DO, DFAPA
(845) 362-4215

                DR. KROPLICK's BIO

Lois Kroplick, DO, DFAPA is a Board Certified Psychiatrist in private practice 
in Pomona, NY.  She is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric 
Association. She was one of the first women to graduate from NY College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. After completing her residency at Long Island Jewish 
Hillside Hospital, she worked for three years as Chief of Psychiatry at Weston 
State Hospital in West Virginia. . After relocating back to NY, she served as an 
attending psychiatrist at Rockland County Department of Mental Health (RCDMH) 
Psychiatric Inpatient Unit for thirteen years from 1990-2003.

 It was during her term as president of the West Hudson Psychiatric Society that
the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 took place. Dr. Kroplick organized the 
psychiatrists of the district branch to provide free psychiatric care to the survivors. 
In addition, she volunteered with Disaster Psychiatric Outreach working many 
twelve hour days at Pier 94, where services were offered to the victims and first 
responders of 9/11. The American Psychiatric Association recognized her disaster 
related work by presenting her with “The BRUNO LIMA AWARD” in 2003.

Dr. Kroplick is the Founder and Past President of the Mental Health Coalition of 
Rockland County, NY. The Coalition is an organization where professionals, family 
members and patients volunteer their time and participate in educational programs 
about mental illness. Dr. Kroplick has received several awards including 
Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for her work in organizing the Coalition and 
helping to destigmatize mental illness.

Presently, Dr. Kroplick is on the executive board of both the Mental Health Coalition 
of Rockland County and the West Hudson Psychiatric Society. For the past five years 
she has served as the medical advisor to the Rockland County Depression and 
Bipolar Support Group (R-DBSA).  

Earlier this year, the NY State Osteopathic Medical Society chose Dr. Kroplick to 
receive “THE 2014 PHYSICIAN OF THE YEAR AWARD” for her community 
work and disaster relief efforts after 9/11. She was the first psychiatrist to ever 
receive this award.